Athlete Recruiting Tool

Using NCSA’s Recruiting Tools

It’s important for recruits to use any resource that they can to make the recruiting process just a little bit easier. NCSA has four handy and easy-to-use tools that can help student-athletes find out where they stand, and help them get noticed. Learn more about how these tools work and what they offer.


Get Ranked

Enter your athletic credentials like your years of varsity experience, all-state or all-conference honors, as well as your GPA and immediately see a list of some of the schools that you might be best suited for.

Assessment Quiz

You answer questions about the amount of attention you’ve received (how many letters you’ve been sent, how many times you’ve been called, etc.) and we’ll tell you what level of recruit you are. The assessment gives you a good idea of how much more work you need to do to get noticed.


The IQ Quiz

NCSA’s multiple choice quiz asks you questions about the recruiting process. Your answers will give you a score that tells you how much you really know about how recruiting works. Knowledge is an important tool for all student-athletes.


Highlight Videos

See some of the best highlight videos in the NCSA network and find out just how many coaches have viewed them. A well-crafted highlight video is essential, and getting an idea of exactly how your video should look is one of the most valuable resources we have.



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