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At NCSA, we're pretty proud of our stats. The numbers don't lie. But don't just take our word for it. Our outstanding track record has been featured by a number of media outlets. And hundreds of college coaches, who rely on NCSA as a valuable resource, vouch for us. But the praise we're most proud of comes from the athletes we've worked with and their parents. 


NCSA Network Activity

Top 10 Athletes

Top 10 Schools By Athletic and Academic Ranking

    1. Williams College D3
    2. Amherst College D3
    3. Duke University D1
    4. University of Notre Dame D1
    5. Stanford University D1
    1. Washington University in St. Louis D3
    2. Bowdoin College D3
    3. Harvard University D1
    4. Massachusetts Institute of Technology D3
    5. University of California, San Diego D2

Top 10 Sports By Athletes Using The NCSA Network

    1. Football 151,665
    2. Baseball 50,685
    3. Men's Basketball 50,017
    4. Men's Soccer 31,231
    5. Softball 31,029
    1. Women's Volleyball 26,993
    2. Women's Soccer 22,865
    3. Women's Basketball 20,544
    4. Men's Track 16,444
    5. Women's Track 15,725


Media Buzz

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    Going to extreme measures for child athletes.

  • ESPN
    Four Big Ten teams in NCSA's Top 100.

  • LA Times
    Football: Should a player transfer if he's on a losing team?

  • Wall Street Journal
    Competing for Scholarships on the Field and Online

  • Chicago Sun-Times
    NCSA gets 5-star recommendation

  • CBS
    Chris Krause talks Athletes Wanted.



Bryan Bulaga
"It all started with my family and I choosing NCSA..."

  • Patrick Brown, University of Central Florida
    "Without NCSA I would have probably been a walk on..."

  • Jay Straight, University of Wyoming
    "I owe everything to Chris Krause and NCSA"

  • Rebecca Schoonover, Brevard College
    "Having you able to help me...figure out the best fit for me."

  • David Peterka, Nazarene University, Founder: When the Saints
    "Allowed me to focus on finishing high school..."

College Coaches

Big Ten Football Coach
"Keep sending them our way, man. You guys are awesome."

  • American East Conference Basketball Coach
    "Your information has been quite helpful to me and our program..."

  • Mid-American Conference Softball Coach
    "You understand there is so much more that goes into the recruiting process..."

  • SEC Track Coach
    "Thank you for updating me with these prospects..."

  • D1 Ivy League
    "You are coming up with some good prospects for us!"

Athletes and Parents

Lorenzo Alexander
"If it weren't for them I wouldn’t be were I am ..."

  • Terry Graham (Parent), Missouri Football 2015
    "NCSA is second to none when it ..."

  • Megan McAllister, Washington Lacrosse 2013
    "I now have opportunities I never would've dreamt of having..."

  • Scott DeSouza, New York Soccer 2012
    "Very knowledgeable and competent coaches..."

  • Vickie West (Parent), Montana Softball 2014
    "Very helpful and a huge relief to ..."